Farmer Jo, NSW

More Than Your Standard Muesli

For Sally Tulloch, muesli is more than a breakfast option, and breakfast is more than a meal. She believes that sharing a healthy, flavoursome breakfast is a celebration of family.

To reflect these values, and find a flexible working option that would fit in with caring for their daughter Olivia, Sally and her husband Scott decided to create Farmer Jo - a supplier of delicious gourmet hand-made muesli.

“I was looking for a business opportunity I could juggle with parenthood, and Scott suggested muesli,” Sally says. “We both love muesli and we thought it would be exciting to create our own flavours and healthy combinations.”

Fortunately, Sally and Scott managed to offset the financial risk by funding much of their equipment through Silver Chef.

“Cash flow was a big issue for us in the beginning,” Sally says. “Silver Chef allowed us to grow without an excessive outlay of cost. They helped us realise it was possible.”

With this essential support, now Farmer Jo is a thriving business, with muesli stocked in select gourmet food stores across Australia. It can also be ordered online for home delivery or purchased directly at Sydney markets on the weekend.

Silver Chef allowed us to grow without an excessive outlay of cost. They helped us realize it was possible.

One of the unique features of Farmer Jo muesli is that all the ingredients are treated separately before being blended together. Traditionally, toasted muesli is made by toasting all the ingredients together, but Farmer Jo’s method ensures that all the ingredients retain the integrity of their individual texture and flavour.

Farmer Jo’s central location is in Hutchinson Street, Surry Hills. The muesli is cooked on site daily, so locals can smell the tempting aroma wafting along the street. Customers can take a seat on a milk crate to be served little pots of muesli with their choice of yoghurt and fresh fruit.

“We sell a lot of our muesli at the markets, and it is extremely rewarding to talk directly to our customers, as they will request certain food combinations. It’s always a great conversation - I love hearing people’s ideas.”

There are plenty of unique flavor combinations to choose from, but don’t become too attached to one flavour! Many of the blends are seasonal, so you might have to wait for your favourite to return next year.

Sally Tulloch
Farmer Jo, NSW

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