SilverChef’s purpose is to help people achieve their dreams, including our customers, our team, our partners, and the community.

Since 1986 we’ve helped more than 74,000 hospitality businesses get started and grow. We do this by providing flexible finance for a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment.

As many as 40 per cent of our customers don’t qualify for finance from traditional lenders. We love to lend a hand where others won’t.

From Brisbane, we’ve expanded across Australia and into New Zealand, Canada, and now we’re reaching into the United States, investing more than $2bn into the global hospitality industry along the way.

SilverChef at a glance

Founded in 1986

4 countries (Australia, New

Zealand, Canada, United States)

74,000+ customers globally (all time)

330+ people in our global team

More than $2 billion invested in the global hospitality industry

2,000+ equipment-dealer partners globally

Our locations


New Zealand


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