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Set up your hospitality business with SilverChef's extensive range of used commercial kitchen equipment from leading brands. Our range of refurbished fridges, stoves, ovens, fryers, dishwashers, coffee machines and other equipment can be your secret weapon to find a product that is strong, reliable and fit for purpose, at an affordable price.

Browse the equipment online, and you can choose, pay and organise delivery when you're ready.

Here are Questions people ask about Certified Used Equipment.

You can also contact our Certified Used team directly on 1800 154 561, or through the Contact Form.

Where does Certified Used equipment come from?

The equipment in our warehouses comes from SilverChef customers who have upgraded equipment or returned it. We do not stock used equipment that has not been previously financed by us.

How thorough is the cleaning and repair process?

SilverChef is one of Australia’s biggest resellers of used hospitality equipment. We have a large team of qualified tradespeople at our Brisbane and Melbourne warehouses who manage the preparation of equipment for sale.

All equipment is professionally repaired, cleaned and polished, and any damaged or worn parts are replaced and run-tested, including electrical test and tag. Then there is a final check by a quality assurance officer before it's ready to ship.

Can I use Rent-Try-Buy or Lease-to-Keep finance, just like with new equipment?

Yes, Rent-Try-Buy and Lease-to-Keep finance is available for all Certified Used Equipment. At the end of the 12 month contract, you have a number of options. You can purchase the equipment, continue to rent for maximum flexibility, lease to own with our Easy Own® finance, or return the equipment if it no longer suits your needs.

Can I upgrade or return Certified Used equipment under Rent-Try-Buy, like I can with new equipment?

You can upgrade Certified Used equipment at any time within the 12 month Rent-Try-Buy agreement, or return it at the end. This option is useful if you find a piece of equipment is not large enough to meet demand (eg a coffee machine or fryer), or your style of food has changed.

Why is some equipment nearly the same price as new equipment?

Hospitality equipment is much more robust than domestic appliances, and built to last. Used equipment that’s in very good condition is traditionally more expensive than what you find on websites such as Gumtree – those items have usually not been cleaned, repaired or refurbished, and do not have a guarantee. We pride ourselves on Certified Used equipment having been completely refurbished, so it has the appearance and reliability of new.

Do you give a discount for cash purchases?

We accept bank transfer and credit card payments, but for security reasons we do not accept cash.

Why are there 2 prices on my quote?

One is the asset price if you rent, the other higher price is if you pay for it directly. We offer a discounted price for rental customers, to encourage the use of SilverChef funding.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are worked out on equipment size, weight and distance. The website will give you a quote for the equipment once you put it into the shopping cart and give the destination address.

Can I organise my own shipping?

You are welcome to organise your own shipping, or collect it from the SilverChef warehouse where it is located. Make sure that the carrier is experienced with commercial equipment of the size, weight and type that you have ordered.

How long will my equipment take to arrive?

Equipment that is on our website and ready to ship is normally sent within 2 business days.

Is all the equipment listed in stock?

If the equipment is on our website, that means it is in stock and ready for purchase or rental. Please order as soon as you choose an item, as we do not hold them if payment has not been received.

Can I see the equipment in person?

We have the equipment visible on our web site. Let us know what you require and we will check stock and provide a quote with images. You are welcome to see the equipment if you book in a time at the warehouse where it is held (subject to COVID-19 safety restrictions). For safety and security reasons, this usually needs 48 hours notice – please contact the Certified Used team on 1800 154 561.

Can I see a photo of the equipment on the SilverChef website?

Many items are available to view on the website, but because of the high volumes we handle, not all equipment has a photo. Certified Used staff can help you with a description if you call 1800 154 561.

How long is the warranty on Certified Used equipment?

We offer a 3 months parts & labour warranty on all Certified Used equipment.

If I order the equipment with Rent-Try-Buy, who is responsible for servicing during the 12 months agreement?

Servicing is different to warranty. The equipment warranty on Certified Used applies in the first 3 months when something has a fault, and is the responsibility of SilverChef. Servicing is an optional maintenance cost, and the responsibility of the customer eg in some areas, coffee machines need to have their boilers serviced every 6 -12 months to remove water scale.

Is there a cost if I return the equipment?

You will need to pay to ship the equipment back. You can use our freight company or your own. It will need to be properly cleaned, then tagged and tested so it can go back on the market. This is just like renting a house, it needs to be fit for the next person. If you return equipment within the 12 month rental agreement you will also be liable for any un-expired rent.

If equipment is returned, how is the cleaning cost worked out?

Cleaning and servicing costs are determined by the equipment’s condition when it is returned. Each item is rated from 1-5, and you can save on cleaning and servicing costs if you return the equipment in excellent condition. Here’s how we assess it:

  1. Excellent Condition - no internal or external cleaning required, and needs safety checks only
  2. Good Condition - basic clean and/or basic manufacturer maintenance and incidentals required only
  3. Average Condition - full clean and/or full servicing and parts required
  4. Poor Condition - extensive cleaning and/or major servicing, parts and accessories required
  5. Very Poor Condition - extensive cleaning and/or major service & repair work required

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