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Purchase outright 

Supplied by one or more of hundreds of dealers nationwide that we partner with. We can help you find the equipment you need, finance it, and ensure it’s promptly delivered to your door.


Mostly ex-rental equipment we’ve sourced from businesses we know and trust. It’s been fully refurbished and is backed by a three-month warranty. Read more


Includes runout and used equipment supplied by our equipment-dealer partners; ex-demo equipment previously used in a dealer’s demonstration kitchen; and scratch-and-dent equipment that’s sustained minor cosmetic damage.


Choosing the right 2 group coffee machine can be tricky. And what if your business quickly outgrows the equipment, or changes direction and needs different equipment?

Rent–Try–Buy solves this problem by allowing you to try the equipment before deciding whether to buy it. The manageable weekly rental payments also help your business maintain a positive cash flow.

May suit you if you’re… 

  • A new or established business
  • After $1,000 or more of equipment funding
  • Looking to try the equipment before deciding whether to buy it, including items you're not sure about or think you might quickly outgrow.

Key features 

  • Flexible, 12-month rental agreement
  • Manageable, weekly rental payments
  • Upgrade or buy the equipment at any time
  • If you buy, get back 75% of your net rental payments — to put towards the purchase price
  • Continue renting or return equipment after 12 months
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible."

Not what you’re looking for? Check out Lease-to-Keep

Why choose us 


Massive range

Our range of commercial coffee equipment — including two group coffee machines — is one of Australia’s largest.


Finance solutions 

We finance virtually any type of commercial kitchen equipment, including the world’s leading brands.


New and used 

Our online marketplace includes not only brand-new hospitality equipment but also ‘Certified Used’ and clearance equipment.


Fast delivery 

If the equipment’s in stock, it can usually be delivered to your business within 1–8 business days.



If you finance new equipment through us, we’ll consider paying you cash for any old equipment you’d like to trade in.


Warranty support 

If your financed equipment breaks down within the warranty period, we can help you arrange a free repair, replacement or refund.

Building equity in your equipment

For every $1 of rent you pay in the first year, you'll get back 68 cents to put towards the equipment's purchase price, if you decide to buy it.^

^You’ll get a 75% rebate on your net rent — the total rent you’ve paid minus GST, which equates to 68 cents in the dollar. For example, if you paid $10,000 in rent, your net rental rebate would be $6,818 ($10,000/1.1 x 0.75). In addition, each rental payment you make is 100% tax deductible, reducing the net cost of ownership even further.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 2 group coffee machine?

A 2 group coffee machine is an espresso coffee machine with two ‘group heads’ (sometimes called ‘brew groups’ or ‘brew heads’).

Coffee is ground into a portafilter (a portable filter) and tamped down before it’s inserted into the group head and secured with the aid of a handle.

The group head then dispenses pressurised hot water from the coffee machine’s boiler through the portafilter to produce espresso shots.

Most portafilters have two spouts each, giving the barista the option to extract a double shot using both spouts or two separate single shots using each spout.

This means the barista can make four single espressos or two double espressos simultaneously using a 2 group coffee machine.

Some group heads have additional features like pre-infusion, whereby a small amount of hot water is used to wet the coffee before full extraction, enabling more flavour to be pulled out of the coffee.  

Commercial 2 group coffee machines typically have two boilers — one for each group head — and two or more steam wands, which are used to froth the milk.

How big is a 2 group commercial coffee machine?

Most 2 group commercial coffee machines fall into the following size and weight ranges:

  • Width: 700–900 mm
  • Depth: 500–600 mm
  • Height: 450–550 mm
  • Weight: 50–90 kg.

Some models may have features such as additional steam wands or hot water dispensers that can affect the machine’s dimensions.

It’s recommended you check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the machine will fit in your desired space.

What size espresso machine do I need for my business?

The below gives you a rough idea of the size of machine you’ll need to meet demand.

It’s important to ensure your machine will be big enough to cope with the busiest periods of the day (i.e. peak demand).

1 group, single-boiler

  • Up to 100 coffees per day
  • 20 coffees per hour (max)

2-group, single-boiler

  • Up to 150 coffees per day
  • 30 coffees per hour (max)

2-group, multi-boiler

  • 150-400 coffees per day
  • 60 coffees per hour (max)

3-group, multi-boiler

  • 400+ coffees per day
  • 90 coffees per hour (max)

If you have a semi-automatic espresso machine, its output will depend to some extent on the skill and speed of the barista/s; fully automatic espresso machines generally have a higher output.

How many boilers does a two group coffee machine have?

A 2 group commercial coffee machine typically has two boilers — one for each group head.

Multi-boiler espresso machines offer several advantages over single-boiler machines, including:

Simultaneous brewing: With multiple boilers, each group head can operate independently, allowing for simultaneous extraction of multiple shots. This significantly increases the production capacity and reduces the waiting time between shots, making it ideal for high-volume environments.

Temperature stability: Each boiler in a multi-boiler machine is dedicated to a group head, ensuring precise temperature control for each group. This stability enhances the consistency of the espresso extraction and allows baristas to maintain optimal brewing conditions throughout the day.

Flexibility: Multi-boiler machines offer more flexibility in terms of adjusting temperature settings for each group. Baristas can customize temperature settings for different coffee blends or extraction preferences, allowing for more control
over the brewing process.

Workflow efficiency: The ability to extract multiple shots simultaneously streamlines the workflow in a busy coffee shop or commercial setting. Baristas can work efficiently, accommodating multiple drink orders simultaneously and reducing waiting times for customers.

Consistency and quality: Multi-boiler machines help maintain consistent shot quality across different group heads. Each group can be fine-tuned individually, ensuring that the extraction parameters, including temperature and pressure, are optimized for the best possible espresso.

While multi-boiler machines have advantages, they are generally more complex and expensive compared to single-boiler machines. Also, they require additional
maintenance and monitoring of each boiler.

What are the pros and cons of a 2 group coffee machine?


  • Greater production capacity than 1-group units, with multiple boilers that allow simultaneous extraction of multiple espresso shots.
  • Improved workflow, with ability for baristas to accommodate numerous drink orders at once.
  • More features and customisation options, giving baristas more control over the brewing process.
  • Better temperature stability, resulting in more consistent shot quality across different groups heads.
  • Can be a good option for businesses with moderate to high coffee demand.


  • Require more space than 1-group units, which can be problematic in compact
  • Tend to be more expensive to buy and service than smaller machines.
  • Harder to operate and maintain, with more components to worry about.
  • Consume more energy than smaller machines, increasing operational costs.
  • Could be overkill if your establishment has lower coffee demand than the machine can handle.

How many amps does a 2 group head coffee machine usually require?

The amperage required for a 2 group head coffee machine varies across makes and models.

Typically, a 2 group commercial coffee machine requires between 20 and 30 amps to operate.

To put this into context, in Australia most residential electrical circuits are rated for 10A, 15A or 20A. 

Generally, 10A circuits are used for lighting and smaller electrical appliances, 15A circuits for larger appliances such as air conditioners, and 20A circuits for heavy-duty appliances such as electric ovens or washing machines.

In contrast, commercial kitchen circuits usually range from 20A to 60A.

While online searches for ‘10 amp 2 group coffee machine’ are quite popular and some machines might be able to operate on a 10A circuit (albeit with decreased performance), most 2 group coffee machines require more power than a 10-amp circuit can provide.

Indeed, to prevent damage or overheating, it’s vital to ensure a machine’s electrical load on a circuit does not exceed the circuit's rated capacity.

It’s recommended you consult the manufacturer's specifications or a licensed electrician to ensure your circuit is appropriate for your coffee machine.

* This advice is general in nature and does not consider your personal circumstances. Professional advice should be sought that is tailored to your personal situation.