Commercial kitchen equipment

You won’t have to go anywhere else to find the equipment you need, saving you time and hassle

WITH THOUSANDS of makes and models of commercial kitchen equipment to choose from, narrowing down your search can be difficult.  

Not only can SilverChef tap into a nationwide network of hundreds of hospitality equipment dealers to help you find the equipment you need, we can also finance it for you. 

Why choose us 


Massive range 

Our range of commercial kitchen equipment is one of Australia’s largest.   

On any given day we have several hundred pieces of new, second-hand, and clearance equipment advertised on our online marketplace. 


Finance solutions 

We finance virtually any type of hospitality equipment, including the world’s leading brands. 

Our equipment finance saves you from having to make a large outlay up front. Instead, you can pay for the equipment in small, regular amounts out of the revenue it helps generate.  

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New and used

Our marketplace includes not only new equipment but also ‘Certified Used’ equipment — mostly ex-rental equipment that’s been fully refurbished and which you can either finance or purchase outright. 

We also market clearance equipment sourced from trusted third-party suppliers. 


Fast delivery 

We can order equipment for you via a network of hundreds of equipment dealers nationwide (new equipment) or dispatch it from one of our warehouses (used and clearance equipment). 

If the equipment’s in stock, it can typically be delivered to your business within 1–5 business days.  



If you finance new equipment through us, we’ll consider paying you cash for any old equipment you’d like to trade in. 

We’ll consider your old equipment’s age and condition, among other things, before making you an offer that reflects fair market value.  


Warranty support 

New equipment typically comes with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and our Certified Used equipment has a three-month warranty. 

If your financed equipment breaks down within the warranty period, we can help you arrange a free repair, replacement or refund. 

Choose a finance solution 



May suit you if you're...

A new or established business 

After $1,000 or more of equipment funding 

Looking to try the equipment before deciding whether to buy it, including items you’re not sure about or think you might quickly outgrow. 

Key features

Flexible, 12-month rental agreement 

Affordable, weekly rental payments 

Upgrade or buy the equipment at any time 

If you buy, get back 75% of your rental payments — to put towards the purchase price 

Continue renting or return equipment after 12 months 

Rental payments are 100% tax deductible.* 


May suit you if you're...

A business that’s traded for more than 12 months 

After at least $10,000 of equipment funding 

Looking to own the equipment but would prefer to pay for it in smaller instalments over a longer term. 

Key features

24-, 36-, 48- or 60-month hire-purchase agreement 

Low, monthly payments  

Fixed interest rate 

Own the equipment at the end of the agreement 

Interest component of the lease and depreciation of the equipment are tax deductible.*  

Used equipment made by the best brands

Second-hand commercial kitchen equipment 

Our range of used commercial kitchen equipment — Australia’s largest — helps your budget go further by allowing you to get the best brands for lower prices.  

This ‘Certified Used’ equipment is typically less than two-and-a-half years old, has been fully refurbished, and is backed by a three-month warranty.  

This makes it safer than you buying used equipment straight from a private seller or at an auction.  

Read more about Certified Used equipment 

Find commercial kitchen equipment near me

The new commercial catering equipment on our website is supplied by one or more of hundreds of equipment dealers nationwide that we partner with. 

We can tap into this dealer network and our 35-plus years of industry knowledge to help you find and order the equipment you need quickly and easily.    

See the new equipment stocked by accredited dealers in your city (and the second-hand and clearance equipment SilverChef has warehoused in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth).  

We have accredited dealers in regional Australia too.  

To find out which ones are nearest to you, please call us on 1800 337 153

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Frequently asked questions 

Where can I find the equipment that SilverChef finances? 

There are two main places you can find the commercial kitchen equipment that we finance: 

  • Equipment-dealer showrooms and websites — we’re in partnership with hundreds of dealers nationwide. They can help you not only select equipment, but also apply for SilverChef finance.    
  • SilverChef website — our commercial-catering-equipment marketplace (which includes new, ‘Certified Used’, and clearance equipment) is one of Australia’s biggest.

Does SilverChef sell equipment? 

We stock a large range of ‘Certified Used’ and clearance hospitality equipment, which customers can either finance through SilverChef or purchase outright from us. 

Though we don’t sell new commercial kitchen equipment, we can quickly source it via a network of hundreds of dealers nationwide, finance it for you, and ensure it’s promptly delivered to your door. 

Which types of equipment can I get finance for? 

We’ll finance virtually any type of commercial kitchen equipment that helps your business make a profit. 

The equipment must have an invoice value of $1,000 or more (Rent–Try–Buy) or $10,000 or more (Lease-to-Keep). 

Do you finance used equipment? 

Yes — we can offer you finance for our own range of fully refurbished equipment, which we refer to as ‘Certified Used’.  

This is mostly ex-rental equipment that’s been stripped, cleaned, and serviced using genuine manufacturer parts before being rigorously tested.  

We’re so confident in the quality of our Certified Used equipment, it comes with a three-month warranty. 

Our clearance equipment includes not only runout and scratch-and-dent equipment, but also used and ex-demo equipment supplied by our equipment-dealer partners. 

You can find this Certified Used and clearance equipment on our website; you can either finance the equipment through SilverChef or purchase it outright from us.  

Read more about Certified Used equipment 

Do you accept trade-ins? 

If you finance new equipment through us, we’ll consider paying you cash for your old equipment (i.e. a trade-in).  

Alternatively, if your business’s cash flow is tight and you need some quick cash to relieve the situation, we’ll consider buying equipment you’ve bought recently. 

We’ll pay you a lump sum of cash — which you can inject into your business — and then rent the equipment back to you for manageable, weekly payments under a 12-month Rent–Try–Buy agreement.  

Read more about Buy Back 

What happens if the equipment breaks down? 

If your new or Certified Used equipment breaks down within it warranty period, call us on 1800 337 153. 

We’ll help you arrange a free repair, replacement, or refund from the manufacturer (new equipment) or us (Certified Used equipment).  

Once the equipment is out of warranty, you’ll be responsible for meeting any breakdown-repair costs.   

Rest assured that, if your equipment breaks down after its warranty has expired, we can help you quickly find a repairer or source a replacement machine in as little as a day.  

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