Hospitality Support Webinars: Future dates and replays


Join our team of industry experts and successful business operators as we explore positive ways for cafe, restaurant and foodservice operators to handle challenges in the hospitality industry.

SilverChef brings you live Webinars, focused on practical issues like cost control, new ways to serve and deliver food, marketing, communication with customers, supporting staff, and the many legal and financial issues being faced by business operators.

Watch replays of previous webinars...

# Develop a Profitable Takeaway and Food Delivery Business

Takeaway, delivery and drive-through are now vital parts of food and beverage service for cafes, restaurants and foodservice. With lockdowns, it may be the only way to make sales. After 18 months of Covid experience, there are many lessons learned by experienced operators. This webinar will share them with you and give you an opportunity to ask for advice from the experts.


# Kitchen, Bar & Coffee Equipment - Warranties, Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

The equipment in restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways has to work hard! So it's no wonder that it breaks down if not properly maintained or fit for purpose. In this webinar, we cover the maintenance & repairs needed for refrigeration, freezers, Ice machines, stoves & grills, ovens, fryers, dishwashers, coffee machines and small appliances.


Cost Control and Number Crunching for Cafes and Restaurants

Find the right numbers from your Point of Sale, payroll, invoices and bookkeeping for better control of your business. If you feel overwhelmed by reports and spreadsheets, discover where to find and how to use the important numbers that drive weekly profits and future growth. Even if you’re not a ‘numbers person’, this webinar is for you!


# Staff Recruitment and Retention – Finding Solutions

Staff shortages have been an issue for many few years, and it's been made much worse by the loss of overseas visitors who can work in Australia. Using the same-old recruitment methods is not going to fix the problem – this webinar shows cafe, restaurant and foodservice operators better ways to promote their workplace and find the employees they need.


Buying or Selling a Cafe or Restaurant - Simplifying the Process

There's a lot to consider, and having the right advice will reduce risk and speed up the process. The market for cafes and restaurants is active, and there are plenty of buyers and sellers. If you're considering selling your cafe or restaurant, or looking to purchase, this webinar replay is packed with the information you need. The guest experts have many years in hospitality and know the process from all angles. 


# Kitchen Efficiency and Cost Control with Dominic Cain 

Ken Burgin talks with Dominic Cain, a chef with many years of experience in all types of foodservice. He's now a consultant for cafes, restaurants and foodservice operators, working on everything from kitchen design and equipment to menus, staffing and operations. Dominic shares honestly about problems and solutions, and draws on recent projects to show the action steps everyone can follow.


# Smart Social Media Marketing for Cafes and Restaurants

Social media keeps changing and developing. How do you choose the right channels in 2021, and use them to boost sales, improve customer service and maximise profits? SilverChef's Ken Burgin and social media expert Mark Khoder show you how to get more results from the social media you're using now, and additional options worth considering.


# Kitchen Food Cost Blitz

Tightly-managed food cost systems have never been more important. With Andrew Briese, a consultant & popular trainer with chefs & foodservice operators, showing you how to cut costs and increase productivity. Andrew shares honestly about problems and solutions, and there are plenty of questions & answers.


# Smart Operator Round Table #4

Hear first-hand about the challenges faced by successful cafe & restaurant operators, and how they are winning with menu innovation, marketing, delivery, staffing, competition and maintaining profit margins. With Anna Pavoni from Omeggio in Sydney, Judy Hackett of Toast Espresso in Grafton, Deb Potts of the Colliery Inn in Newcastle plus Sonja & Howard Searle of Lady Marmalade Cafe in Brisbane.


# How to Diversify & Boost Your Cafe & Restaurant Sales

In this very practical webinar, you'll hear from smart operators who have added additional income streams, without renting more space or doubling the workload. They'll share results, how they have developed their products and services, and the most efficient way to do this. We talk about profit margins, marketing methods, e-commerce platforms, shipping & delivery, and selling in-store.


# Smart Menu Design for 2020: Apps, Screens & Paper

Menus are now on phones, websites, kiosks, digital signs... and still on paper. How do we use all these channels to boost sales, improve customer service and maximise profits? Which of the traditional menu design rules still work, and what are the new possibilities with apps and websites? This important webinar will bring you right up to date...