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Managing COVID-19 Business Issues

Buying or Selling a Cafe or Restaurant in Australia: Information & Resources - there's a surprising boom in the demand for foodservice businesses.

How to Negotiate a Rent Reduction for Your Restaurant or Cafe - now's the time to negotiate and reset your largest fixed c ost.

How to Access JobKeeper Subsidies for Restaurant, Cafe & Foodservice Employees - subsidies are available, but understanding and following the rules is essential.

How to Apply for (and Win) a Government Grant - take advantage of 'free money' when it becomes available.

Smart Ways to Turn Your Restaurant Menu into a Delivery Menu - pivot and adapt to new opportunities, and make sure you maintain profit margins.

Caring for your Mental Health & Wellbeing During the Crisis - there are many ways to build strength and resilience in challenging times.

Cafe & restaurant risk management 1 : Business interruption, employees, food & beverage

Cafe & restaurant risk management 2 : Reputation, cyber-crime and finance

Kitchen Management & Cost Control

How to cut electricity & gas costs in your cafe, restaurant or foodservice business - there are many simple steps that will make a big difference.

How to improve labour productivity in the kitchen - there are many actions, large and small, that will make a significant difference.

Water saving tips for your cafe, restaurant or foodservice business - it's surprising how many ways you can cut costs.

How to Deep Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment - maintain value and reduce maintenance & running costs.

Top 10 Kitchen Equipment Shutdown & Restart Tips - how to avoid problems and ensure smooth operating.

Prepare your refrigeration for a trouble-free summer - maintenance tips to give reliability in the peak season,

Business Efficiency & Technology

Best Apps & Ordering Systems for Takeaway & Food Delivery - there are dozens of options, here's how to choose the right one for your business.

How to Reopen and Rebuild after COVID-19 Restrictions - navigating the new rules, and bringing back your customers.

How to Diversify your Income – for cafes, restaurants and bars - making your business less vulnerable to seasonal and regulatory changes.

Managing Staff Costs and Performance

Where to find hospitality employment information for Australia - essential information from Fair Work, Workcover, Aust Tax Office and Immigration.

How to set clear performance standards and avoid frustration - simple ways to make staff more accountable.

10 business facts that all hospitality staff should understand - important information to use for staff and manager training.

How to make restaurant training fast, affordable and manageable - training does not need to be expensive.

10 minute coffee and flavour training for cafe and restaurant staff - practical tips for running short training events.

Better Marketing and Promotions

Low-cost marketing boosters you can start right now - more than a dozen simple ways to promote your business.

2020 Party & Celebration Ideas - customers still want to have fun, here's how to make it happen.

23 Easy Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Restaurant & Cafe Customers - how to keep your communication regular and relevant.

10 Ways to Find Customer Contacts in your Cafe or Restaurant - you'll be surprised how easy it is to put a list together and start promoting.

Promote your Green Credentials for a marketing bonus - if you're active with recycling and sustainable business, make sure to share it!

How to Choose the Right Restaurant & Cafe Equipment

Best commercial coffee machine buyer's guide 2020 - choose a machine that's right for your business.

Commercial Deep Fryer Buyer's Guide 2020 - from a quick service restaurant to a high-end establishment.

Commercial Dishwasher Buyer's Guide 2020 - from the bar to the kitchen, an essential part of your hospitality business.

Equipment Spotlight on Meat Smokers - a simple way to add new flavours to your menu.

How Chefs Can Help Choose Used Kitchen Equipment - use the expertise in your kitchen to make the right decision.

How to Choose the Right Combi Oven - New or Used? - combine flexibility and a big boost to your producitivity.

Why does commercial kitchen equipment last so long? Well-maintained equipment with a good history can really hold its value!

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