Hospitality Support Webinars: future dates and replays


Join our team of industry experts as we explore positive ways for cafe, restaurant and foodservice operators to handle the challenging events we face in 2020.

Each week we bring you a number of live Webinars, focused on practical issues like cost control, new ways to serve and deliver food, marketing, communication with customers, supporting staff, and the many legal and financial issues being faced by business operators. These webinars are free and everyone is welcome - click the links below to register.

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# Managing Employment Issues: Wage Costs, Legal & Personal - Wed 8th March, 3pm Aust EST

As employers downsize, there are many issues to deal with: Fair Work rules, Wage Costs, Accessing Govt Support and Care for your Team. In this webinar, Ken Burgin talks with Rod Schneider and Andrew Stirling, employee management experts from Tanda Workforce Success Platform , and Richard Edwards, Head of Commercial (and former hospitality lawyer) at Pragma Legal . There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

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# Landlords & Leases - How to Negotiate

Are you finding it difficult to pay the rent? You're not alone. - it's an issue facing many hospitality operators. To help you handle negotiations with your landlord, we've brought together two experts, who are very used to dealing with these issues: Richard Edwards, Head of Commercial (and former hospitality lawyer) at Pragma Legal, and Paul Leach, business broker from GSE Business Consultants and director of the popular Growth, Strategy & Exit Planning Facebook Group.

We discussed what you can negotiate and how to mange the process, new legal regulations, what you need to support your case, and understanding the players involved: tenant, landlord, lawyers, centre management and brokers. Our experts also answered dozens of questions.

# Support Q&A for restaurants, cafes & foodservice

What's available, where to find information, and how to apply for assistance - there's lots to talk about. This is designed as a Q&A session, so after we share the latest information, we will be taking all your questions.

With Canio Muscillo - director of Muscillo Romano Accountants and Chris Green from Restaurant Bookkeepers Australia . We will be discussing the latest government funding available, both Federal, State and Local Government.

# Building your Takeaway & Delivery Food Business

Suddenly takeaway and delivery food is very important - it may become the main way you make sales to your customers. Some businesses have been doing this for a long time, and others need to pivot quickly and add this to their offer. In this webinar we share; how to create a profitable takeaway menu, marketing options, kitchen equipment and layout, organising delivery through 3rd party services or your own drives, plus legal and food safety issues to consider.

# Managing & Surviving the Coronavirus Crisis

How can you keep your business open, staff employed, bills paid and customers spending? There's a lot to consider. In this webinar we looked at where to find reliable information, how it affects the operation of your business, dealing with staff, suppliers, kitchen systems, customer service, landlords and creditors. Plus improving communication with customers and important sanitation and hygiene issues.