Roaster Advantage

Silver Chef’s Roaster Advantage is a four-year equipment finance loan. Roaster Advantage is perfect for all equipment used in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of roasted coffee with long lead times between deposits and delivery, or funding insitu/used equipment to free up working capital for further growth. This product has been designed to deal with the road blocks to obtaining this type of high value and long lead time equipment.


Why Roaster Advantage?

Typically buying this type of equipment, the process looks like:

  •     Deposit of 50% is required to place the order
  •     The unit is built in 6 – 8 weeks
  •     Remaining 50% is required before shipping
  •     Unit arrives 4 months after your first payment

Now, using the Roaster Advantage program

  •     Silver Chef pays in full for the equipment
  •     The unit is built in 6-8 weeks
  •     Unit is shipped and arrives 4 months after order

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