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Orchestrale Etnica TT Plus - 2 Group Coffee Machine



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The Orchestrale Etnica TT Plus is a coffee machine available automatic with normal and raised E61 groups as well with programmable portion control, dual gauges for boiler and pump pressure control , boiler and pipes of copper, pipes fittings of brass, frame of pure polished and satined stainless steel.


  • E61 brewing groups
  • Frame of pure polished super-mirror & satined stainless steel AISI 304
  • Flanged copped boiler with tap for manual discharge
  • Copper pipes & brass pipe fittings
  • Dual gauges for boiler & pump pressure
  • Manual & automatic boiler water loading
  • Programmable portion control / single group washing
  • Built-in RPM motor pump with water cooling
  • Fluid-o-Tech rotary pump
  • Touchpad for each group with pilot lights for activated brewing buttons: 6 volumetric metering selections programmable for touchpad directly & 1 programming button
  • 1 electromechanical button for every group for brewing choice
  • Indicator to inform that machine & cup heater are on
  • LED lights on the back panel (with on/off switch)
  • Electric cup heater with on/off switch & programmable working temperature
  • Glass tube for boiler water level
  • 2 multidirectional stainless steam wands with manual control from the joystick taps
  • 1 multidirectional stainless steel hot water wand with manual control from its dedicated button
  • Available in black or white
  • Specsheet

Key Specification
Width 720
Height 530
Depth 520
Weight 65.0
Power Type Single Phase 20 Amp
Other Features
Age rating New


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Can I return the equipment?


Yes — after the 12-month agreement expires ^


Yes — after the 12-month agreement expires

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^ If you don’t exercise any of your end-of-term options, you can continue renting month-to-month for as long as you need to. You can still return the equipment at any time.

We require four weeks’ notice of your intention to return the rental equipment. Customers are responsible for transporting the rental equipment to us as well as the cost for us to clean and service the returned equipment so it can be certified and remarketed. See our cleaning-and-servicing fees (PDF).

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