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La Marzocco Wally Milk - Automatic Milk Steamer



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The La Marzocco Wally Milk streamlines and simplifies the milk steaming process, offering the flexibility to manage multiple milk types (non-dairy alternatives, too), temperatures, and foam levels with the press of a button – so that everyone can create perfect steamed milk with minimal training and attention.

For professional baristas, focus shifts to efficiency behind the bar, the pour itself, and the craft that goes into Latte Art, as well as to more interaction with customers. 


  • Pro touch steam wand - insulated steam wand that prevents burns and milk from sticking to the wand
  • 24V electronics - provide the machine with improved reliability & machine diagnostics
  • Temperature sensor - an infrared sensor monitors the steaming temperature to assure maximum consistency
  • Easy access for technicians - engineered for easy service & minimal downtime
  • USB - simplifies future upgrades
  • Tilting platform - the tray tilts as the machine is steaming replicating the movement of the barista
  • Proximity sensor - measures jug size & milk level
  • Espresso machine compatibility - can be attached directly to the steam tip or steam boiler of most commercial espresso machines
  • Digital display - intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters
  • Vortex steam tips - exclusive steam tip that helps steaming the milk
  • Multiple recipes - record up to 20 recipes selectable with a push of a button
  • 3 pitchers included - equipped with 3 pitchers to minimise milk waste
  • Specsheet

Key Specification
Width 225
Height 490
Depth 325
Weight 10.0
Power Type 3 Phase
Other Features
Age rating New


The equipment will be delivered after you’ve signed the rental or lease agreement and paid the upfront costs.

The delivery will be arranged by the dealer from whom you ordered the equipment (either directly or via SilverChef).

Most dealers deliver Monday to Friday, during regular business hours.

The dealer will be able to confirm the delivery charge with you and give you an estimated time of arrival.

If the equipment is in stock, dealers’ delivery times generally range from next-day to 14 days, depending on your business’s location.


The equipment rental or lease does not include installation, which customers are required to arrange at their own cost. (Some dealers offer an installation service as an optional extra.)

Please check the equipment’s dimensions to ensure it will fit into the space you’ve allocated for it in your venue.

Also, please ensure the equipment’s electrical rating or gas type is compatible with your venue’s electricity or gas supply.


New commercial kitchen equipment typically comes with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Make sure you hang onto the paperwork, including the warranty documents, that comes with your equipment.

If your equipment develops a covered fault within the warranty period, please contact the dealer who supplied it.

They’ll help you arrange a free repair, replacement, or refund.

Once the equipment is out of warranty, customers are responsible for meeting any repairs costs.

Rest assured that, if your equipment develops a fault or breaks down after its warranty has expired, we can help you quickly find a repairer or source a replacement machine in as little as a day.


If your circumstances have changed or the equipment no longer suits your needs, you may be able to return it to us.

The following table shows you which products allow you to return equipment.


Can I return the equipment?


Yes — after the 12-month agreement expires ^


Yes — after the 12-month agreement expires

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^ If you don’t exercise any of your end-of-term options, you can continue renting month-to-month for as long as you need to. You can still return the equipment at any time.

We require four weeks’ notice of your intention to return the rental equipment. Customers are responsible for transporting the rental equipment to us as well as the cost for us to clean and service the returned equipment so it can be certified and remarketed. See our cleaning-and-servicing fees (PDF).

For more information, see our ‘Delivery and returns’ web page.