Do you have some questions about how Silver Chef could work for you and your business? Read our FAQs below to find out more, or contact us and we'll be in touch to discuss further.

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Everything you need to know to get started

Rent-Try-Buy® is a 12 month rental agreement that allows you to:

  • Upgrade equipment at any time; or
  • Purchase equipment at any time and receive a 75% net rental rebate on your payments made in the first year.


At the end of your 12 month agreement, you can:

  • Continue renting and the purchase price will continue to drop, or;
  • Return equipment with no further obligation**, or
  • Work towards ownership with a personalised discount on your weekly payments on our Easy Own® finance option.


The benefits of Rent-Try-Buy® are:

  • Low weekly rental to preserve your cash flow
  • Flexibility to upgrade your equipment if it's not quite right
  • You can add more equipment as your business grows
  • Payments that are 100% tax deductible*
  • Off balance sheet funding so it doesn’t affect your borrowing ability

**Servicing, cleaning and transport costs may apply


Our dedicated Customer Service team are available for any of your queries or to process a phone application - call us on 1800 191 684.

Alternatively you can apply online.

In both cases, be sure to have your driver’s license, Medicare number, a valid ABN and a current rates or lease notice handy.


Depending on your application amount, all we need to get the ball rolling is a valid ABN and your driver’s licence or other form of photo ID.


The rental agreement commences on the day of equipment delivery. Your first payment will be deducted seven days after this date.


Our rental agreement term is 12 months, but you have the option to purchase the equipment at any time and receive 75% of the rent you have paid, excluding GST, off the original purchase price.

If you have any questions about your Silver Chef rental agreement, contact us online or call us on 1800 191 684.


Simply call our customer service team on 1800 337 153 and we can assist with helping you find a local dealer for your specific equipment needs. We also have dealer relationship managers out on the road who can visit you to assist if need be.


Yes, you can use multiple dealers at the same time, however, each quote received will be on a separate contract. The number of contracts you can have on your account with Silver Chef is unlimited.


Silver Chef fund a wide range of items from coffee equipment to refrigeration, stainless steel to tables and chairs. Call us on 1800 337 153 for a full list of items we fund. 



When and how to pay

Our rental product, Rent-Try-Buy®, has a flat rate that is based on the original equipment price. Use our Rental Calculator to find out what your weekly rent would be.


Rent is charged weekly. You can pay by Direct Debit or by credit card.


Yes we do. Visa and Master Card incur 1.5% surcharge and Amex incurs 3.0% surcharge


At the end of 12 months

Find out about your options after 12 months

At the end of your 12 month agreement, you can:

  • Continue renting and the purchase price will continue to drop, or;
  • Return equipment with no further obligation*, or
  • Work towards ownership with a personalised discount on your weekly payments on our Easy Own® finance option.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 1800 337 153 or contact us.

*Servicing, cleaning and transport costs may apply.

You can pay out at any time or work towards ownership with our Easy Own® finance option after 12 months. With Easy Own®, you'll enjoy a:

  • 30% discount on your weekly payments on a 36 month contract; or
  • 15% discount on your weekly payments on a 24 month contract.

If you choose to pay out in the first year of the agreement, 75% net of what you’ve paid in rent will be deducted from the original purchase price - GST is then added on what’s left to determine the final figure.  You don’t lose your rebate if you continue to rent after 1 year, once you’ve completed the minimum term a reduced rebate is applied.


Receiving, servicing and maintaining your equipment

All new equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is held by your chosen dealer. This is usually 12 months, which will cover your first 12 month agreement with Silver Chef.


If you are unhappy with the condition or performance of any of your equipment, please contact your dealer. They will guide you in the right direction.

You can also call us on 1800 337 153 and we'll be happy to offer help and assistance.


This depends on the size and condition of the equipment when it is returned to us. You are responsible for either arranging or paying for the transport back of the equipment to Silver Chef. There will be a cleaning/repair charge payable or deducted from the security bond if required. Call us on 1800 337 153 and we'll guide you through the process. 


Once signed rental contract and upfront cost are received, you can arrange delivery of your equipment with your preferred dealer. However, if you have any questions, feel free to call us on 1800 337 153.


If you believe there is damage to the equipment you've ordered, please contact your dealer. It’s important to check the equipment as soon as it is delivered just in case there is some damage. If you believe there is damage, please take photos so that you can show your dealer and contact them as soon as possible, so they can assist you. 


Contact our Customer Service team on 1800 337 153. We will help you find a supplier and as long as the new equipment is ‘like for like’ and ‘bigger & better’ we will generate a new rental agreement and send you relevant information to organise the return of your equipment.


Contact your preferred supplier to choose your equipment. Once Silver Chef receives the quote, we will contact you if additional information is needed. 


Update your details

Update your contact details

Give us a call on 1800 337 153 and we'll take you through updating your details.

Yes, call us on 1800 337 153 and we’ll send you a Debit Request Form to sign with the new details.

Yes, you can nominate the same or a different payment day for every individual contract. Call us on 1800 337 153 and we can change this for you.

Yes, we have a simple process where you can transfer your rental agreement over to a new business owner if you decide to sell, or change your business details.  Contact us for more information about how this works.