"Great Service, so Simple"

“The service I received from Silver Chef was quick and the Terms and Conditions were explained extremely well. The online service was very good and they were prompt in returning my call.” Joshua Raatz, Spudbar Doncaster. 25/02/2016
“We had a few issues with responses from Silver Chef, but we are a repeat customer and if it works out, we can get more equipment in the future if we need it.” Timothy Lee, Subway Capalaba Central. 18/02/2016
“I had a few issues with needing my equipment urgently but my overall experience with Silver Chef has been effective and I will use them again.” Ayman El-Akour, La Porchetta Fremantle. 23/02/2016
“My overall experience with Silver Chef has been good.” Darryl Spiteri, Bakers Delight Ballina. 19/02/2016

"Easy and Always Supportive"

“The support I received from Silver Chef was fantastic, all of our needs were met. The process was very easy and customer service was great. Anything we needed was done promptly.” Thanh Huynh, Zambrero Queanbeyan. 07/02/2016
“I would highly recommend Silver Chef because they were easy to contact and signing the rental documents online made it very easy for me.” Matthew Hooper, Lone Star Newmarket. 18/02/2016
“Silver Chef are excellent, their service is fantastic and they really helped my business.” Bekir Karakurt, Jesters Pies Clarkson. 21/04/2016

"Always adding value"

“I found very good value in using Silver Chef.” John Apostulopulos, Red Rock Waterfront Bar & Grill. 04/01/2016
“I have never had any problems or issues, Silver Chef have been very easy to deal with.” Bruce Williams, Wendys Wodonga. 11/12/2015
“We have been a repeat customer with Silver Chef since 2014 and really value their long term service.” Gregory Domoney, Eagle Falls Spur Steak & Grill. 16/11/2015
“We are very happy with Silver Chef otherwise we wouldn’t be repeat customers! My overall experience has been very good as always.” Michael Hood, Gloria Jeans Coffees Mandurah. 04/12/2015

"The process is so easy"

“I highly recommend Silver Chef, everyone was very helpful and made the process very easy.” Colin McGinn, Caltex, Cairns. 22/05/2015
“Silver Chef is an easy and simple way to purchase the equipment I needed for my business.” Andrew Creagh, Donut King, Ballina. 04/10/2015
“I can’t complain, I am very happy with my overall experience, it was easy and Silver Chef helped me every step of the way.” Sanjoy Ghosh, Nandos, Morely.25/03/2016

"Helping me achieve my dreams"

“I love dealing with Silver Chef, they are fantastic! Especially for a new business!” Michael Le, Great Aunty Three. 17/12/2015
“I would highly recommend Silver Chef because it is a great avenue for anyone who is struggling with finance. The process was very easy and customer service was very good.” Shane Muspratt, Zambrero Springfield. 15/04/2015
“Once we moved past the price objection, our overall experience with Silver Chef was wonderful.” Darren Oman, Groove Train North Lakes. 28/12/2015

"Always great service"

“My overall experience with Silver Chef was good. On a scale of zero to ten, I would give them a 10.” Pasco De Rosa, Montezuma's Mesa Parkdale. 28/12/2015
“I have had a few problems with my equipment but working with Silver Chef everything was smooth sailing.” Tina Patane, Subway Q Super Centre.16/12/2015
“Silver Chef is great! I am their biggest fan!” Robert Mergard, the Dancing Bean Espresso Bar. 20/01/2016

"So easy, excellent, amazing"

"Being a part of Subway, Silver Chef approached me and I decided to give it a go. It was so easy the first time that I decided to do it again." Gina Georgaros, Subway, Rockdale Plaza. 26/06/2015

"My experience with Silver Chef, particularly with Andrew, has been excellent. I appreciate that you have a branch dedicated to Franchises. You guys are really good when it comes to franchisees!" Aditya Singh, Subway, Heidelberg. 25/06/2015​

"Silver Chefs Service, specifically Greg’s service, has been outstanding. Absolutely amazing!" Nicholas Moretti, Zambrero, Mt Gambier​. 30/06/2015

"Flexible and prompt response"

"Silver Chef allowed us the flexibility to try different equipment without the long term commitment. Overall I am really happy with the service and would highly recommend it!" Bradley, Foodworks, Strathpine. 21/07/2014

"We like the fact that the rates are good, you can own it at the end of the day and it’s not just a lease arrangement. Silver Chef gave us the flexibility to get a second piece of equipment, return a piece of equipment and even gave us free transportation from QLD to my shop in WA!" Wayne Simmons, Chicken Treat. 20/08/2015

"When we first contacted Silver Chef we received good quick service and prompt responses. Overall we are very happy." Tom Dimitropoulos, Groove Train, Werribee. 02/07/2015

"Terrific, fantastic, professional"

"We would highly recommend Silver Chef. The communication has been terrific." Shayne Aitken, Paleo Cafe, Newcastle. 06/02/2015

"Silver Chef is absolutely fantastic. I have very little time as I am doing everything on my own but everyone at Silver Chef is switched on and very helpful. The service was exactly what people like me need to get from A to B. It’s great that we have the ability to access all of the equipment we want to access." Kushma Chand, Pie Fusion. 20/10/2015 

"I've been very happy - the service was prompt and professional. Every time I’ve called your staff have done a good job at answering all of my queries. Pizza Hut has good relations with Silver Chef." Lyudmila Napier, Pizza Hut, Joondalup. 13/08/2015