National Scale and Local Focus

National Scale and Local Focus

Silver Chef is the largest specialist equipment funder for franchises in Australia and New Zealand.

We have provided equipment funding for the hospitality industry for 30 years and our foundations were built on funding hospitality businesses like franchises.

Silver Chef has a dedicated national team of more than 200 staff, with head offices based in Melbourne and Brisbane. As an ASX-listed business, we have the strength of national scale with the benefit of a personalised, local focus.

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How can Silver Chef Help?

Accreditation Makes Good Business Sense

Being Silver Chef accredited means you are able to offer your franchisees access to agreed levels of pre-approved funding.

Silver Chef can help your franchisees fund new commercial equipment or upgrade ageing equipment. We can also offer upfront capital to assist franchisees fund a new store. If franchisees are required to upgrade their store at the end of their lease or franchise term, Silver Chef can provide support.

Funding is also available to those purchasing a trading store (resale) with a need to pay for the existing equipment in that store.


Benefits of accreditation include:

System Growth

Using Silver Chef to fund equipment lowers the cost of entry to widen your candidate pool.

Operational Consistency

Access to our equipment funding can help your franchisees adopt the same equipment more easily.

Brand Consistency

With pre-approved funding, you can help franchisees upgrade their stores for a consistent in-store customer experience.

Supporting Franchisees

You can offer a solution that helps franchisees preserve their capital for the running of their business.

Benefits of Silver Chef Franchisee Funding

Franchisees of a Silver Chef accredited franchise can access additional benefits over and above our standard Rent-Try-Buy® solution. Some of these benefits include:

Equipment Funding

Fund the replacement of your ageing equipment with Silver Chef to stop paying repair and maintenance costs for old equipment. Investing in the latest equipment can also improve your speed of service and food quality.

Purchasing A New Store

We can help with the upfront capital required to purchase a new store, because sometimes funding the full cost of a new franchise seems impossible. Silver Chef can fund a large portion of this upfront cost, by purchasing the equipment you need and renting it to you.

Refurbishment Of An Existing Store

If you are required to upgrade your store at the end of your lease or franchise term, but require capital to do so, Silver Chef can help. Our refurbishment option is a complete finance solution with 100% of the refurbishment cost covered. It’s also the only financing solution of its kind to offer a unique deferred payment solution.

Purchasing A Trading Store

If you are purchasing a trading store (resale) then we can help fund the existing equipment in that store, enabling you to preserve your valuable working capital.


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Our Funding Solutions

With 30 years’ experience in hospitality and franchise system equipment funding in Australia, we have developed a number of speciality franchise options, to cater for the needs of a broad range of hospitality franchise system:

Rent-Try-Buy® - allows you to save your hard earned working capital rather than spending it on depreciating assets.

Accredited Franchise - pre-approved funding for all franchisees of a Silver Chef accredited franchise system.

Silver Chef Advantage - allows profit before payment with no lease payments for first 6 months for eligible franchise groups.

Silver Chef Advantage Refurbishment - covers 100% of refurbishment costs with no lease payments for 6 months, for eligible franchises.

Franchise Existing Businesses - Silver Chef makes it much easier for those wanting to purchase a trading franchise business by funding the existing equipment in that store.

Silver Chef's Franchise Benefits

Silver Chef’s Franchise Solutions give you the freedom and flexibility to choose what works for your business. Some other amazing benefits of our franchise finance options include:

  • Simple 1 page application process

  • Preserve cash flow

  • Buy equipment when the time is right

  • Extremely competitive low weekly payments

  • No personal security required

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