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Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment is your secret weapon in solving one of the hospitality industry’s toughest equations – controlling fixed costs while delivering a product that stands out amongst the competition and satisfies the burgeoning expectations of the ‘gastronomy generation’.

Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment offers professional grade hospitality equipment - often less than 18 months old – at a reduced price compared to new. Each item has undergone a rigorous six stage refurbishment process and comes with warranty. Better yet, all of our Certified Used Equipment is eligible for the industry’s most flexible finance solution, Rent-Try-Buy®.

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Watch our video to learn more about the six stage refurbishment process!

It’s important that our customers have confidence in every piece of Certified Used equipment. This is why every item goes through a six stage refurbishment process. 

Watch our video to find out exactly how every piece of used equipment becomes Certified Used. 

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Hundreds of fully refurbished equipment items with warranty!

How equipment becomes Silver Chef Certified Used

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Contact our dedicated Certified Used customer service team for all information relating to Silver Chef used equipment. Our team has a wealth of experience that can help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

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Hundreds of fully refurbished equipment items with warranty!

Case Study: Howl At The Moon

Idyllically situated on the Gold Coast’s picturesque riverside and at the tip of the city’s famous pedestrian mall - Cavill Avenue - lies Howl at the Moon.

With live music headlined by two baby grand pianos, tapas designed by celebrity chef Guy Grossi, karaoke, a sports bar, al fresco dining and day beds overlooking the river, Howl at the Moon is as diverse as the demographic who frequent it.

Early twenties through to early sixties” says Lou - owner at Howl of the Moon - of the venue’s target audience. “It’s like an eighteenth birthday party where you collectively celebrate with your friends, parents and grandparents. Howl at the Moon is not an intimidating environment and that appeals to people of all ages”.

Another shared trait of this wide demographic is a yearning for quality food, something Lou understands and places an emphasis on. 

Food is where it all starts. If the food isn’t right, they’re not going to come back”.

With a chef only being as good as their tools, a key component of this has been in finding the right equipment. Silver Chef Certified Used made sense to Lou - an accountant by trade - not only from a quality perspective, but a business one. 

I understand that what you budget for and what you spend are almost always two different things, and I need to ensure I always have the working capital to continually grow the business. Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy® funding solution was able to provide this." 

We recently moved to Surfers Paradise after ten years in Broadbeach to expand the business. We are constantly evolving so the ability of Silver Chef to upgrade equipment as well as return the equipment we didn’t want as we diversify made sense”.

The quality of the equipment though is what really matters when it comes to the standard of food leaving the kitchen, and it was obvious to Lou Silver Chef Certified Used possessed the quality his kitchen needed, and at an affordable price.

 “I don’t believe in brand new equipment and the premium price tag that comes with it. Most of Silver Chef Certified Used is twelve to eighteen months old and in a similar condition to a car with a few thousand kilometres on it. In other words, as good as new!”.

There can be a misperception with the word “used”. I would challenge anyone to walk into our kitchen now and differentiate which of our equipment is new and which is used”.

Comparing Silver Chef Certified Used to other used equipment I see elsewhere and at auctions is like comparing a Maserati to a 1984 Holden Camira!”.

The affordability of Silver Chef Certified Used is not lost on Lou’s kitchen staff either.

Lee, our head chef, is in heaven with the equipment at his disposal. Take our Moretti pizza oven for example. Had we purchased new, we would have only been able to afford something a third of the size of what we were able to purchase through Silver Chef Certified Used”.

In an industry with high fixed costs, warranty is another highly valued benefit of Silver Chef Certified Used.

Silver Chef Certified Used warranty gives us peace of mind. Again, it comes down to Silver Chef Certified Used being a more premium level of used equipment. You wouldn’t get warranty with that 1984 Holden Camira!

For Lou, it all comes down to affordable, quality equipment on a financially sensible, flexible funding plan.

Take it from an accountant. Leave yourself comfortable. Don’t tie up capital. Always ensure there’s money to effectively run and grow your business, which is what you’re ultimately there to do.”

Lou Cerantonio
Owner - Howl at the Moon