Quick wins for your business that are actually quick...And actual wins


There are two things you never seem to have enough of when running a small business: time, and money. Well, we're going to show you how to improve both of these things.

As a business owner, you're tackling a host of different challenges every single day. From staffing issues to suppliers, customer orders to invoicing, meeting with banks and just generally ensuring the place doesn't burn down; it's fair to say small business often needs to be about working 'in' the business, not 'on' the business.

To improve your business, you need fast and innovative ideas that won't cost you the earth, or require a small army to get off the ground. This is why we asked industry experts what small steps they can recommend, that will drive a small business in a big way.

Here are some recommended tips to get your hospitality business thriving:

Focus on incorporating technology initiatives to attract potential customers.

Creating an easy-to-access online profile is sure to drive more traffic to your venue. Utilising social media for launches and to visually promote your wares (burger selfies!) was highly recommended, especially to connect with the digital natives of the younger generation.

In a more practical sense, mobile-optimising your website was another 'must do' task for the modern business, along with connecting up to food delivery apps or online ordering capabilities after all, if it's too hard to find out who you are and what you sell, punters are likely to move onto the next person. Hungry people are ruthless.

Don't underestimate the power of happy, well-trained staff.

Investing in regular staff training is a win-win situation for any small business: your staff get to extend their skill set, and you raise the standard of service in your venue. From wine training to management skills, there are always local courses available and brand reps ready to come out and share their knowledge.

Innovation and imagination are your trump cards, so don't forget about them!

Taking the time to workshop new possible collaborations with other local businesses, fashion labels, bands, or even events is called 'channel blurring', and it's the hot new buzzword about the hospitality industry. Not only do you get to welcome different demographics into your business, it keeps your brand and offering exciting.

For more in depth advice and tips, download our eBook Quick Wins to Grow Your Business. Whether you've got two hours, two days or two months up your sleeve, we've got you covered. Some tips will be quicker and easier than others, for example, setting up an Instagram account for example doesn't take more than a few hours; whilst lowering your overheads can take months of focus and attention.

So, pick your battles: speak with your team about what suggestions jump out as right for your business, and set up a plan to roll out the changes. Don't be afraid to delegate duties across to your staff: many will jump at the challenge!

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