Our 2016 HISI report: What's in it and how can it benefit you


With another fantastic financial year behind us, and the new one well underway, we're proud to present our annual HISI industry report.

On 20 September, the 2016 SilverChef Hospitality Industry Success Index (HISI) Report was launched at the Fine Food show in Sydney, Australia. As always, it was an exciting dispatch for the SilverChef team, who worked long and hard to compile a report that wouldn't just be interesting to read, but both useful and practical for our community of businesses.

For those who haven't been involved with our annual HISI Report in previous years, let us introduce you to the concept.

Since the beginning, our founder Allan English has grown the business around one single and very important concept: that the equipment and information necessary for a successful hospitality business should be available to not just those who can afford it, but for all who are deserving.

Innovation is key in business, and especially for the hospitality sector, which is constantly shifted by the ebbs and flows of industry trends. So, as well as kitting you out with the right equipment, SilverChef also works to gather the most relevant information, stories, and tips that can help you grow your small business into something great.

The report is less intimidating than it sounds - separated into four, easy-to-read sections, it collates real-life SilverChef stories with industry facts over the last year to paint a picture of what the world of food and beverage currently looks like in Australia. In addition, we've included some insider tips on how you can optimise the current hospitality trends into your own business.

But at the end of the day, it's the facts and figures that really shape the HISI paper. For the report, we surveyed over 400 of our valued customers to find out what the hospitality landscape actually looks like in Australia today. The results were both surprising and informative: for example, we can deduce that 1 in 5 restaurant respondents and nearly 1 in 4 (24%) of cafe respondents are new business (less than 12 months old).

This suggests there is still opportunities for industry growth. In a time where food is a hot topic across popular culture, and new businesses are sprouting from innovative new spaces, it is fair to say that now is an exciting time to be in hospitality.

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