Holy Smoke! American BBQ culture is heating up


With BBQ culture already well and truly entrenched in the very fabric of Australian life (just try and think of Bunnings without thinking about sausage sizzles!) it’s no wonder that we’ve embraced the rising American BBQ culture with sudden gusto.

Here we look at a few of our customers smoking up a storm:

That BBQ Joint

Mobile food truck – Brisbane, QLD

If there’s one trend hotter than American BBQ right now, it’s food trucks. The fact that “That BBQ Joint” combines both those things makes it hotter than a Carolina Reaper. What started out with an RV and a road trip across the Southern states quickly became an obsession. Add one imported smoker and the rest, as they say, is history. Specialising in fall-off-the-bone ribs and a 12-hour smoked beef brisket, That BBQ Joint has a cult following – literally – people who follow it around Brisbane to get their fix. One taste of their finger-licking-good food and you’ll be joining the queue.

Bluebonnet BBQ

North Fitzroy, VIC

After a trip to Texas and a crash course from some local pitbosses, Chris Terlikar has given the thriving US-inspired food scene a home deep in the heart of Fitzroy. From briskets to bellies, ribs to cheeks, this is not the place for anyone with an aversion to meat. Just like the food, dining is done Texas style, with large platters and sides made for sharing.
Bluebonnet has always offered a solid whisky menu; but now, with the addition of bar Loretta alongside the restaurant, a daring cocktail menu and craft beer diversifies the offering. It recently picked up ‘Best New Bar’ in the 2017 Timeout Awards.
Sharing the love of all things smokey, Terlikar holds monthly master classes at Bluebonnet, followed by a shared meal. And recently, the addition of Mabel – a 1970s delivery van come food truck – had enabled Bluebonnet to spread their BBQ goodness beyond its home base in Fitzroy.

Smoky Sue’s

Neutral Bay, NSW

Smoky Sue is Sydney’s original BBQ rebel. She’s torn up the BBQ rulebook and tossed it in the smoker, pioneering a unique combination of classic BBQ technique and French sous vide cooking style. This original “Sue-style” produces perfect slow-cooked smoked meats every night of the week. When it comes to menu selection, they make it pretty easy: sandwiches or platters. Or Southern fried half chicken, of course. Although their recent menu addition - loaded brisket fries - are just about everything that’s right in the world. Smoky Sue’s is BBQ done different, and you won’t be disappointed.

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