Equipment spotlight: I-milk delivery system


It might not be affiliated with Apple, but a new milk delivery system for cafes promises a “revolution” on a scale akin to iPods and iPhones back in their day.

The hands-free i-milk tap system automatically senses the jug size and fills it within 1ml accuracy, saving between 10-15% of milk each day in wastage from over-pouring alone.

But perhaps the most innovative part of the system is that it draws from special 10-litre milk “bladders”, significantly reducing the amount of rubbish removal. In fact, high-volume cafes claim the waste savings alone can repay the cost of the i-milk in just 12 months.

And unlike other milk-dispensing systems, i-milk is designed with retrofit in mind. Existing fridges can often be used and the countertop unit has a measly footprint of just 170x280mm, making it prime for large and small cafes alike. The taps are available in stainless steel, industrial copper, polished brass and matt black to suit a variety of interiors.

The high-tech unit can dispense two different types of milk from the one tap without touching a button, and recognises when a jug is upturned and automatically rinses it, without any need to change “modes”.

One of the system’s developers, Robert Swords, said the i-milk was an all-round solution to take your café to the next level.

“No matter what industry you’re in, everyone wants to work faster, more efficiently, and cleaner, and we believe we have the solution for the café market with our hands-free automated milk delivery system*"

Key features:

Fills jug accurately to within 1ml of the pre-set level. No more manual pouring, over-pouring, or picking up the same bottle of milk 9 times.

Automatic jug rinser senses when the jug is inverted. No buttons to press.

One tap, two milks drawn from 10-litre bladders. De-clutter your barista station and keep milk cold constantly for improved texturing.

Faster service with the ability to half fill a litre jug in less than 5 seconds (>300 litres per hour).

Manual filling mode for other cold beverages such as milkshakes.
Less waste = more profit for the bottom-line. Save thousands of dollars a year in milk wastage, rubbish removal and labour costs.

Save benchtop space with a compact footprint of just 170mm X 280mm, which is narrower than 2x 2Lt milk bottles side by side.

Use existing fridges with a choice of stainless steel drawers or the milkstak tub system.

For more information about the i-milk system, visit the i-milk website, or to see it in action, go to Coffee Machine Technologies to see it in action

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