Coffee, blogs, and B Corp: Welcome to the 2017 HISI Report


Hospitality owners rejoice: your business bible is back!

We are proud to release our 2017 publication of the annual 'Hospitality Industry Success Index Report', or HISI.

As always, the 90 page publication deep dives into the Australian hospitality sector, reviewing the year that was, and casting our eye to the year ahead. Featuring interviews with experts from across the board, it covers everything from finance, food trends, data insights, and online marketing. Fair to say, if you read one thing to help your business this year, make it the HISI Report.

Whether you're a cafe, restaurant, bar, club, or pub, staying abreast of industry trends is absolutely crucial to your success. Well, here at Silver Chef we've done the hard work for you as our team wraps up the biggest trends to hit Aussie shores, as well as what's pegged to be 'the next big thing' in the months to come.

Fermented foods, boutique coffee roasts, and food blogging are all set to boom, with the HISI Report exploring each in detail - including tips on how to translate these worldwide trends in your local venue.

Out of the kitchen and into the office, we have not disappointed in our business review and education portion of the report. The 2017 HISI publication has its finger on the pulse with up-to-the-minute reporting on industry financial trends and current issues facing owners, such as skyrocketing overheads and nationwide skills shortages.

Looking forward into the future, we've also used the report to outline exciting new ways you can improve your business - financially, environmentally and ethically. B Corp Australia's Alicia Darvall spoke with our Silver Chef team about adopting people-friendly and sustainable practices; whilst professional food photographer Rob Palmer gives his tips on visually promoting your menu.

But it is perhaps the facts and figures that shed the most light on the industry, with HISI's annual reporting revealing surprising results. For example, our nationwide push towards healthy eating seems to be working, with almost two thirds (67%) of restaurants working to introduce healthier food items to their menu over the last year.

Coffee was the word on everyone's lips, with coffee roasters and venues serving coffee both benefiting from the world's newfound obsession with boutique blends. Indeed, coffee is the fastest growing sector, with nearly two thirds (62%) of coffee roasters reported business is performing better than the previous year. Along with plenty of information about our Silver Chef solution and the opportunities it can provide, the 2017 HISI Report is a thorough review of how to work on your business for the year ahead - so don't miss out.

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