Why venue design matters

For people to dine out these days, their experience has to be worth leaving the couch!

The way people feel and act in your venue comes down to three things: good product, good service, and a good environment. So, with design being a major feature for new hospitality businesses, how will you entice people in? 

Read our latest myth-busting guide, filled with practical solutions and real advice to find out how you can create a functional design for your venue. 

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In this guide, we look at:

  • The importance of design creating a functional design for your venue will lead to a range of benefits: it will be cleaner, safer, and even save you money;
  • Common myths, busted! - we look at common venue design myths and explore the reasons why they are no longer feasible for the modern day hospitality business;
  • Practical solutions - how to create a highly functional and successful space, how to avoid conflicting flow patterns, reduce or eliminate completely ‘danger zones’, and best practice POS locations;
  • 7 things to remember as you’re designing your new venue - we speak with Graham Witham, owner and operator of Reliable Shopfitting, who shares his top tips for venue design and consideration. If you are looking for a new location for your existing business, or a start-up looking at starting a fit-out from scratch or purchasing an existing hospitality space, this is a must-read;
  • Living proof that good design matters - we interviewed a successful venue on their trials and tribulations with setting up a new venue from a bare warehouse space.