Rent-Try-Buy® Onboarding Information

Welcome to SilverChef and thank you for choosing Rent-Try-Buy. Please read through this important information about your rental contract and your flexible options.

A rental contract – but more flexible

Rent-Try-Buy is a rental agreement with a difference – it offers more flexibility, so you can continue to enjoy the flexibility of renting, work towards ownership, upgrade, purchase or return your equipment once you've tried it out. If you do decide to purchase your equipment, you'll enjoy a 75% net rental rebate on the payments you've made in the first 12 months.

Here's some more information on your flexible options with Rent-Try-Buy and how to take advantage of them.

Your flexible options with Rent-Try-Buy

1. Continue renting after the first 12 months

Do you want the continued flexibility of renting your equipment? That's fine – you can keep renting and still have the option to upgrade, purchase or return your equipment later. If you choose this option, remember to get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team as you may be eligible for a discount on your rental payments!

2. Work towards ownership

If you want to own your equipment, but prefer to spread the cost, you can move to an Easy Own® agreement, which offers you discounted payments over a two or three-year lease. At the end of the term, when all your payments are up to date, you own the equipment.

If you want to choose this option at the end of your 12-month rental contract, it's important to get in touch with our Customer Success team so they can arrange your new agreement for you. Otherwise your rental payments will simply roll on.

3. Upgrade to bigger or better

You can upgrade to a bigger or better version of your equipment at any time. For example, upgrade your 2 group coffee machine to a 3 or 4 group coffee machine. Do remember though, you'll need to return the original equipment to us. So, if you're thinking of upgrading equipment, make sure you contact our Returns team as early as possible and they can talk you through the process.

4. Purchase your equipment

If your equipment is working out perfectly and you know you want to keep it, you can purchase it at any time and we'll give you a rebate on your rental payments so far. Get in touch with our Customer Success team for a payout quote.

5. Return your equipment

You can return your equipment at the end of your 12-month contract and make no further rental payments (as long as you have paid your full 12 months’ rent). We need four weeks' notice of your return, and you will need to cover shipping costs to return the equipment to us. We make sure the equipment is in perfect working order and spotlessly clean for the next customer, so you'll be provided with a cleaning quote. Returning your equipment as clean as possible will help to keep costs down. If you're thinking of returning equipment, contact our Returns team at least a month before the end of your rental contract to find out how.

*Please note that if you decide to return your equipment within the first 12 months, you will still be required to pay your full 12 months' rent.

Breakdowns, warranty and insurance

If your equipment came with a manufacturer warranty, it's important that you check what it covers you for and when it expires. You will also need adequate insurance to cover your equipment for loss or damage.

SilverChef will not be responsible if your equipment breaks down or gets broken, stolen or damaged. In the unfortunate event that this happens, you will need to contact the manufacturer, a qualified service technician and/or your insurance company. If your equipment is from SilverChef Certified Used, and is still within the warranty period, please contact us so we can help.

Remember you're responsible for servicing and maintaining your equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions. This is important so that you don't invalidate the warranty and so that you get the maximum efficiency and life from your machine.

What happens at the end of my contract?

We'll contact you towards the end of your 12-month rental contract, but in case we can't reach you, it's a good idea to put a reminder in your calendar about six weeks before your contract ends, so we can talk through your options – including any discounts you may be eligible for!

How to contact us

Customer Success Team

1800 337 153

  • Find out how much available finance you have
  • Arrange your end-of-contract options
  • Apply for new finance
  • Get a payout quote
Returns Team

1800 337 153

  • Arrange to return equipment
  • Arrange to upgrade equipment
Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Rent-Try-Buy web page at any time to find out more and look through our FAQ section.

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