Quality used equipment backed by Kitchen Wizards

Kitchen Wizards and SilverChef understand that setting up, expanding or upgrading your kitchen is a significant investment. Make your dollars work harder when you choose SilverChef Certified Used equipment. Fully refurbished, sparkling clean and with a warranty - this is second-hand equipment you can trust.

Benefits of SilverChef Certified Used equipment

The best brands at better prices

With SilverChef Certified Used, you can get the most trusted brands at lower prices, in great condition and often less than 18 months old.

Quality assured

All of SilverChef's used equipment is professionally refurbished, cleaned and polished, and any damaged or worn parts are replaced and run-tested.

Warranty included

For added peace of mind, SilverChef's entire Certified Used equipment range comes with a warranty - so you can shop with confidence.

Choose to purchase, rent or lease

As well as the ability to purchase equipment outright, you can also choose to explore SilverChef's flexible finance options; Rent-Try-Buy® or Lease-to-Keep®.

Nationwide delivery

With Certified Used equipment warehouse locations nationwide, SilverChef offer a prompt, affordable and reliable delivery service.

Confidence in their range

SilverChef only stock equipment that has been previously financed by them. This means complete transparency and confidence in their range.

How equipment becomes SilverChef Certified Used

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About SilverChef Certified Used

Who is SilverChef?

SilverChef is a finance provider to the hospitality industry and one of the biggest resellers of used hospitality equipment in the industry. SilverChef have been behind the industry since 1986, proudly financing more than 50,000 hospitality businessess and investing more than $1bn and counting across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They are also a proud certified B Corp; a new kind of business that balances purpose with profit, changing the world for the better.

Where does Certified Used equipment come from?

The commercial kitchen equipment SilverChef warehouses comes from SilverChef customers who have upgraded equipment or returned it. SilverChef do not stock used commercial kitchen equipment that has not been previously financed by them.

How thorough is the cleaning and repair process for Certified Used kitchen equipment?

SilverChef have a large team of qualified tradespeople at their warehouses who manage the preparation of used commercial kitchen equipment for sale. All of SilverChef's used kitchen equipment is professionally refurbished, cleaned and polished, and any damaged or worn parts are replaced and run-tested, including electrical test and tag. Then there is a final check by a quality assurance officer before it's ready to ship.

Can I finance Certified Used equipment using SilverChef's Rent-Try-Buy or Lease-to-Keep, just like with new equipment?

Yes, Rent-Try-Buy and Lease-to-Keep are available for all Certified Used equipment.

How much does it cost to ship my chosen Certified Used kitchen equipment?

Shipping costs are worked out on equipment size, weight and distance. SilverChef's website will give you a quote for the equipment once you put it into the shopping cart and give the destination address.

Can I organise my own shipping when I purchase Certified Used equipment?

You are welcome to organise your own shipping or collect your Certified Used kitchen equipment from the SilverChef warehouse where it is located. Make sure that the carrier is experienced with commercial kitchen equipment of the size, weight and type that you have ordered.

Is all the Certified Used equipment on the SilverChef website in stock?

If commercial kitchen equipment is on the SilverChef website, that means it is in stock and ready for purchase or rental. Please order as soon as you choose an item, as SilverChef do not hold used equipment if payment has not been received.