Win a trip to the
Singapore Grand Prix

Start your engines — SilverChef wants to take you to the 2022 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix!

Between March 21 and July 31, we're offering you a chance to win one of 14 all-expenses-paid trips to the grand prix, including exclusive access to a VIP hospitality suite. 

To qualify for a chance to win, your dealership will need to settle 15 finance contracts or $150,000 in total contract value.

Winners will be announced in four race categories

See current race standings

Grand prize

Formula 1 package

Exclusive access as a VIP guest to the Paddock Club™ (Sep 30–Oct 2).


4 nights at a five-star hotel situated within a stone's throw of the Marina Bay Street Circuit.


Return airfare from your capital city to Singapore.

Paddock Club™

The F1 Paddock Club™ is the official and exclusive VIP hospitality suite at each grand prix. Your three-day Singapore Grand Prix Paddock Club™ pass gives you:

• access to the club, including its luxurious, glass-encased Upper Deck
• spectacular views of the pit straight, turns 1 and 3, starting grid, and pit lane
• access to all zones and entertainment stages within the circuit precinct
• daily pit-lane walk and fireworks display
• world-class food and beverages, including an open champagne bar
• entertainment, massages, clairvoyant readings, and more.

Qualifying rules

To be in the running for a trip to the Singapore GP, your dealership needs to originate a minimum of:

settled finance contracts (regardless of value)

of settled finance contracts (regardless of number)

Race categories

A total of 14 winners will be declared in four race categories, as follows:

1. Highest value of settled contracts
Top 3 x sales reps

2. Highest number of settled contracts
Top 3 x sales reps

3. Best performing dealership
Top 6 x dealer principals

4. Wild card
2 x winners

Race standings (top 10)

See race standings

Frequently asked questions

1. How will I know when my Dealership has qualified?

When the dealership has originated a minimum of either 15 settled SilverChef finance contracts (regardless of their value) or contracts valued at $150,000 (regardless of their number), an email will be sent out notifying you that you have qualified. 

Once a dealership qualifies, all the dealer sales reps within that dealership will be eligible to participate. 

For dealerships that are a part of a business group, their qualification will be determined at the group level.

2. How will the best performing dealerships be decided?

The best performing dealerships will be determined based on a combination of the number and value of the settled contracts they originate.

3. How will the wild-card prizes be drawn?

Once a dealership has qualified, all dealer sales reps will be eligible to participate in the wild-card and will be entered into the draw when they settle at least one contract. 

Each contract submitted and settled will give them an additional entry into the draw, and all contracts settled as part of the qualifier will also be included (e.g. if Sales Rep A settles 10 contracts and Sales Rep B settles 5 contracts, their dealership qualifies, and Sales Rep A gets 10 entries and Sales Rep B gets 5 entries).

4. When is the latest a contract can settle?

For a contract to count towards your or your dealership’s ‘Race to Singapore’ tally, it must have been originated by July 31 and be settled no later than August 31, 2022.

5. Who’s hosting the trip to Singapore?

SilverChef will have the privilege of hosting the competition winners in Singapore. 

Our ‘pit-stop team’ will include some of our senior executives and sales team members.

6. When is the Grand Prix and what is included in the prize?

The Singapore Grand Prix experience will last four days, from September 29 to October 3, 2022. The winners will get exclusive access as a VIP guest to the Paddock Club, rub shoulders with celebrities, tour the pit lane and be catered to by celebrity chefs. The prize includes a 4-nights stay at a five-star hotel and return airfares from the winner’s capital city.

7. What happens if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie in the ‘highest value of settled contracts’ category, the dealer who has settled the higher number of contracts will win.

In the event of a tie in the ‘highest number of settled contracts’ category, the dealer who has settled the higher value of contracts will win.

All tie-break decisions will be made at the discretion of SilverChef.

8. Can I split contracts for a customer?

As per our terms and conditions, splitting a contract to gain an advantage in this competition will result in disqualification.

9. What if my dealership is part of a dealer group?

If the dealership is part of a national group, the qualification criteria will apply to the group as a whole. Once that group qualifies, all of its branches nationally will effectively qualify.

10. What happens if a winning dealer sales rep can’t make the trip — can they give their spot to another sales rep in their dealership?

The prize is not transferable, so if a winning sales rep does not accept the prize, SilverChef will select the next eligible winner in that category.

11. Can more than one sales rep from the same dealership win a prize?

This competition is open to all sales reps in each dealership— there is no limit on the number of sales reps per dealership who can win. However, only one principal per dealership can win a prize.

12. What if an admin submits applications on behalf of the dealer sales rep?

If an admin submits a contract on behalf of a sales rep, the sales rep’s name must be on the quote to ensure correct attribution of that contract to the right sales representative.

Terms and conditions

Competition terms and conditions (PDF)