This is SilverChef.

SilverChef is a special place to work. A place where you can be yourself, while working toward a shared purpose. As testament to how much we value our people, we were recognised among B Corp's Best in the World for Workers for the past two years running.

We are united by our shared purpose to help people achieve their dreams.

Our values

We are United

We are generous and open. We help where others turn their backs, going further and working harder to help people achieve their dreams. Through teamwork and empathy we support the wellbeing of our customers, communities and global team.

We are Courageous

We are brave enough to do the right thing and tell the truth (even when nobody's looking). We hold each other and ourselves accountable. Our integrity is the foundation of our business – and the bedrock we return to when the path ahead is unclear.

We are Authentic

We are unique, different and always authentically 'us'. We back our people, customers and communities to be themselves too. We forge meaningful connections and always treat others with respect, creating a safe workplace and a better world.

SilverChef’s People Report 2021

At SilverChef we have a very special and unique culture, where diversity, equity and inclusion are paramount, and our people can bring their whole authentic selves to work each day. We care about our people, and we check in regularly to see what’s going well and where we could improve. This year we released our first People Report, which looks at the calendar year 2021. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 82% of our people believe that people from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to succeed at SilverChef
  • 86% of new starters felt confident they knew how to be successful in their role
  • 147 of our people have completed our six-month leadership program, out of a global team of 311.

You can learn much more about life at SilverChef in the full people report. Download it here

What's it like to work at SilverChef?

Beech Simmons, National Certified Used Manager

'One of the greatest things about SilverChef is our people. We consider our people and our customers equally part of our global "village" and we work together to help them all succeed.

'SilverChef is focused on ambitious growth and innovation - as a result, there are opportunities for career development or branching into other career paths. I’ve personally been extremely fortunate to benefit from the opportunities for progression that SilverChef offers.'

Wendy McCormick, Office Experience and Impact Manager

"SilverChef is a great place to belong. I’ve been here for over 11 years and still jump out of bed each day to go to work! I get great satisfaction and pride from the fact that we give customers a fair go and help them build their dreams.

I have worked in numerous roles and departments here at SilverChef and in each role have had the opportunity to impact our customers and local community directly. SilverChef values its employees and looks after us extremely well – testament is receiving the B Corp Best in the World for Workers awards in 2018 & 2019."

Sandra Martins, Customer Success Team Leader

"I've worked at SilverChef for four years and it's become my second home, in a positive way. It feels like we're a big family; we all treat each other with respect and have fun whilst working. I enjoy talking to customers and seeing what we can do to assist them and their business to be successful.

My brother and sister also work here and we all have grown so much in our professional careers, as we have worked hard to be given the opportunities that have come our way. The core values that we abide by everyday at work match those I believe in when it comes to my personal life."

Our Work Ready Program

Through SilverChef's collaborative partnerships with various community groups, such as Multicultural Australia, the company recognised the diverse challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face relevant to gaining employment. As a result, SilverChef created the Work Ready Program – a workforce development initiative that provides refugees and migrants with vocational opportunities.

The candidates complete a 12-week placement where they develop key skills, form a better understanding of the Australian workforce and improve their conversational English. The success of the Work Ready Program speaks for itself, with all the participants now holding casual or permanent work positions.

SilverChef has welcomed four participants including 19-year-old Kimrose, who is now a permanent member of the Customer Success Team.

“SilverChef's Work Ready Program has provided me with the confidence I need to progress my career. It has helped me to discover what my transferable skills are and how they are best applied in a real workplace. As the sole breadwinner in my family, I am glad I am able to pursue my interest in business while being able to support my mother and siblings.”

Interested in joining our village?

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