We’re making upgrades easier

Have any of your customers got a piece of SilverChef rental equipment they want to upgrade — to replace with something bigger or better or entirely different?

Until 29 March 2024, if they upgrade their rental equipment, SilverChef will absorb all the transport, cleaning and servicing costs that normally apply.

That’s right, the incidental costs of your customer's equipment upgrade will be $0 — saving them hundreds of dollars and giving them a great incentive to order more equipment from your dealership!

This $0 Equipment Upgrade offer is limited to certain types and makes of equipment aged 6–36 months and in clean working order. 

To confirm whether your customer's equipment is eligible, please contact your key account manager.

What can customers upgrade their equipment to?

Something bigger or better, or something completely different!

Your customers can upgrade their SilverChef rental equipment to the same or a different type of equipment — as long as it’s standard hospitality equipment with a value equal to or higher than the original equipment.

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How much will they save?

Normally, customers who decide to upgrade their rental equipment are responsible for transporting the original equipment back to us and the cost for us to clean and service the equipment so it can be certified and remarketed.   

From February 1 to March 29, we’ll pay the equipment transport costs and waive the cleaning and servicing costs, saving customers hundreds of dollars (see indicative savings below).

Transport of their old equipment back to SilverChef


Cost varies according to the cubic weight of the equipment and the distance it has to be transported.

Cleaning and servicing of their equipment


Cost varies according to the type of equipment and its condition (Good vs Poor).

How upgrades work

1. Return original equipment

At any time the customer can return the rental equipment they want to upgrade; for a limited time, we’ll cover the associated transport, cleaning and servicing costs. 

2. Sign new rental agreement

We'll ask the customer to sign a new 12-month Rent–Try–Buy agreement covering the upgraded equipment.

3. Use upgraded equipment

The customer’s new agreement will give them all the options they were entitled to under the original agreement (e.g. they can buy the equipment at any time).

Download marketing materials

To help you tell your SilverChef customers about the ‘$0 Equipment Upgrade’ offer, we’ve compiled a pack of marketing materials for you to use.


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Frequently asked questions

What can customers upgrade their rental equipment to?

Customers can upgrade their rental equipment to the same or a different type of equipment — as long as it’s standard hospitality equipment with a value equal to or higher than the original equipment. 

For example, they can upgrade a $3,000 upright freezer to a $5,000 one, or a $2,500 ice maker to a $10,000 combi oven.

We don’t fund upgrades to some types of equipment, most notably seasonal equipment (e.g. slushie machines and soft-serve ice-cream machines) and restaurant and café furniture.

To confirm whether we’d be happy to fund the upgrade your customer has in mind, please contact your key account manager.

How can I find out which of my previous customers might be eligible for the $0 upgrade?

Speak to your key account manager — they’ll provide you with a list of your previous customers who might be eligible for the $0 upgrade — for you to contact.

If a customer decides to upgrade their equipment, do they have to give SilverChef notice?

Yes — call us on 1800 337 153 and speak to one of our customer success consultants or contact your key account manager to let them know you have a customer who would like to upgrade their equipment.

We’ll help you and/or your customer navigate SilverChef’s equipment-upgrade process as quickly and easily as possible.

Who will organise the transportation of the customer’s original equipment back to SilverChef?

Once your customer has informed us of their intention to upgrade their equipment, we’ll be happy to arrange for it to be collected from their business — other than disconnecting the original appliance and preparing it for transport, they won’t have to worry about a thing!

What if the equipment the customer wants to upgrade is in poor condition or faulty?

As per our terms and conditions, rental equipment that is in poor condition or defective does not qualify for the $0 upgrade offer.

To confirm whether your customer’s rental equipment is eligible for the $0 upgrade, please contact us.

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