Our commitment to the DineSmart initiative

Posted on 23 october 2015

Silver Chef is proud to announce ourselves as one of the 2015 DineSmart Ambassadors.

Through the innovation and commitment of the wonderful institution that is DineSmart, we have committed ourselves to creating positive social change by fighting homelessness in Australia.

The concept is simple. From the 9th of November to the 31st of December, 2015, we are encouraging our customers of restaurant and cafe owners to ask their customers to donate an additional $2 to their purchase. That's it.

An initiative of StreetSmart Australia, DineSmart is an annual event that has been running since 2003 and has raised over $2,000,000. It's growing year to year, with 2014 generating $234,800 in profits. 100% of all money raised goes towards ending homelessness on our streets by providing assistance to local charity projects.

Here at Silver Chef, we know that we are in the unique position of speaking directly to a wide range of Aussie restaurant and cafe owners. So we would like to appeal to you directly to step up and make a difference: whilst many of us are obsessing over what type of garnish will best accentuate our latest dish, some of your local community will simply be wondering where their next meal is coming from.

Why should you get involved?

  • It's good for business. Research shows that businesses that support charitable causes linked to the community build and maintain the loyalty of their guests.
  • More than half of workers in their 20s prefer employment at companies that provide opportunities to support the community. Staff really value the opportunity to be involved in something meaningful.
  • Make a very real difference in your local community - 100% of the money fundraised is funnelled directly back into local community projects in your area that provide critical services and emergency aid to the homeless.



Is your restaurant the right fit?

  • Friendly, well trained front-of-house team
  • Good POS system (preferable that $2 is auto added to tab)
  • Enthusiastic managers who want to be involved
  • Willingness to run an opt-out system and add $2 to each bill
  • A genuine commitment to being involved and making it work

If this sounds like you, we want you involved! You can sign up here for more information and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

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