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When partnering with Silver Chef in 2018 we are making it easier than ever before to help you expand your franchise system or multi-site business with our Kickstart funding approval up to $250,000. *Terms and conditions apply 

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Terms & conditions

Approval is conditional upon a successful ID, credit and landlord check and confirmation of Australian or New Zealand citizenship/permanent residency. Additional documentation may be required proceeding an unsatisfactory ID and/or credit check. Standard approval process applies for contracts over $250,000.00 including GST; contracts that increase an existing Silver Chef customers’ Master Agreement in excess of $250,000.00 including GST; and contracts that increase an existing Silver Chef customers’ exposure in excess of $250,000.00 including GST. A satisfactory credit check refresh may be required for existing Silver Chef customers who have exceeded 3 months since their most recent credit check. Only valid on applications submitted prior to July 01, 2018 and settled prior to September 01, 2018. Silver Chef adheres to responsible lending practices and reserves the right to refuse applications in circumstances where there is any doubt as to the applicants’ ability to make payments. The $250,000.00 approval is only available when an eligible business settles a Rent Try Buy® contract; a multi-site business has a minimum 3 stores trading with at least 1 store trading for full 12 months; multi-sites must have the same business model including name, fitout, and menu; any franchise system with at least 1 store trading 1 full year and can produce compliant documents (franchise disclosure document); any ‘splinter brand’ franchise where management and support is being provided by a larger franchise system accredited by Silver Chef (Splinter brands do not have to have 1 franchise trading 12 months) and performing in accordance with the Silver Chef terms and conditions; Silver Chef reserves the right to refuse applications that are not provided by proven larger franchise systems. The kickstart approval is only valid for hospitality food businesses on standard assets only and a 15% allowance for SWIFT products. The applicants should seek their own financial and tax advice before applying for a Silver Chef Product to help them make their funding assessment.