How does Rent-Try-Buy® work?

Rent-Try-Buy® is a 12 month rental agreement that allows you to:

  • Upgrade equipment at any time; or
  • Purchase equipment at any time and receive a 75% net rental rebate on your payments made in the first year.


At the end of your 12 month agreement, you can:

  • Continue renting and the purchase price will continue to drop, or;
  • Return equipment with no further obligation**, or
  • Work towards ownership with a personalised discount on your weekly payments on our Easy Own® finance option.


The benefits of Rent-Try-Buy® are:

  • Low weekly rental to preserve your cash flow
  • Flexibility to upgrade your equipment if it's not quite right
  • You can add more equipment as your business grows
  • Payments that are 100% tax deductible*
  • Off balance sheet funding so it doesn’t affect your borrowing ability

**Servicing, cleaning and transport costs may apply


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