Nobbys Beach Surf Lifesaving, QLD
Nobbys Beach Surf Lifesaving Saving Club is a hidden gem that’s still true to the surf lifesaving tradition without all the bright lights and commercial hype. It might be one of the smallest clubs in the area but it plays a huge part in the lives of the locals.

Just up a flight of stairs in this humble little building is The Supporters Club, with amazing views that stretch from Coolangatta right up to Stradbroke Island. General Manager, Chris Philp, took over the running of the club just two and a half years ago, when The Supporters Club was pretty much the only licensed premises in the close-knit Nobbys Beach community. Now there are thirteen. There’s been an explosion of competition, and Chris is determined to give the newcomers a good run for their money.

“One of the big things was to really ramp up our menu,” says Chris. “I think we’ve got one of the best food offerings in the clubs now. We also finished in the top 10 brekkies in the whole Gold Coast! Plus we’re the only one in that top 10 that does a buffet breakfast on Sundays.

“We’re a real part of the community, so it’s important to us that we buy local. We use our local Nobbys butcher who does organic grass-fed meats, as well as a local fruit and veg supplier.”

Silver Chef was a fantastic option for us as it gave us the flexibility to choose what worked for our business and pay it off weekly.

Since Chris’ shake-up, the club has rented several pieces of equipment using Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy Solution, including a cake display, coffee machine and ice machine.

“We’ve also probably got the best pizza impinger on the market,” says Chris. “It’s basically a big, state-of-the-art pizza oven that has a conveyor belt that cooks from the top and bottom. It turns out incredible rustic-style pizzas and something we could never afford to buy outright ourselves.

“I’ve used Silver Chef for most of my kitchen equipment because when I came to the business it was in a bit of trouble so we didn’t have the cash flow to go out and buy brand new equipment. Silver Chef was a fantastic option for us as it gave us the flexibility to choose what worked for our business and pay it off weekly so we can eventually own it ourselves.

“Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy Solution gave us the ability to trial equipment and also upgrade to something bigger and better as our business grew. And we can continue to rent which reduces payments, or get a payout figure at the end of 12 months. Equipment costs a lot and if you don’t get the right stuff straight up, you’re in for a huge headache.”

So what’s in store for Nobbys SLSC? According to Chris, the most important thing is to keep dishing up great meals without ever losing sight of what’s important. “We really just focus on great quality food and good customer service.”
Chris Philp
Nobbys Surf Livesaving Club, QLD

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