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Silver Chef Helps Young Gun Craft Coffee Chapter In Family Business

Andrew Kelly comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

His father and brother work alongside him at their family-owned ‘Tactile Learning Centres’, a craftsmanship-inspired training college in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. And yet, at just 23, Andrew decided he wanted to step up the family business, and open his own espresso bar out the front of their new college.

Remarkably humble for a small business owner of such a young age, Andrew is relaxed about his newest venture. “Before starting Craft Coffee, I worked as a barista,” he says, “and I remember thinking - I love this. I could do this.” With the family-owned learning centre on the lookout for a new location, Andrew broadened their search to find somewhere that could accommodate a coffee shop, too.

Eventually deciding on Brisbane’s inner-north suburb of Albion, Andrew got to work. “The ideas came way before the practical,” laughs Andrew as he remembers the months of planning that came before Craft Coffee was even built. It was during these planning stages that good friend - and Silver Chef customer - Mark Pearce of the Cleanskin Coffee Co gave Andrew a nudge in the right direction.

Pretty much, they made it possible.” ‘They’, of course, is the team at Silver Chef.

Like many customers before him, Andrew was blown away with how easy the process was. As a first-timer - and a 23-year-old first timer, at that! - Andrew was not only given full faith by the Silver Chef team financially, but also as a professional support. Andrew recalls months of ‘Help, what do I do?!’ phone calls with Silver Chef staff before he finally got his business underway.

Through his friend and Silver Chef equipment supplier Mark Pearce, Andrew purchased a La Marzocco 3 group espresso machine, and Mazzer electronic doserless coffee grinder for the Craft Coffee opening in November of 2015. Several months on, and Andrew is now looking to take the next step into food production, already discussing building plans and permits for a cafe kitchen to be installed. He has already had $10,000 of funding approved from Silver Chef, and predicts his new kitchen will be ready to start cooking just two months.

Andrew is learning quick and fast about the reality of owning a small business. Already his building plans were delayed by council by 5 months (and costing $10,000!) - and just one week after opening, a competitor coffee business launched just two doors down...without council approval. 

Regardless, Andrew is excited about the future. “I love the cafe atmosphere,” he enthuses.
“It’s very staff based, very friendly, very open, and all about building a steady customer base. I love that social aspect. 

“I mean really, you’re not just making coffee. You’re making friends.” 

With an attitude like that, and a hunger to learn, Andrew Kelly and Craft Coffee are sure to go far. Just another amazing business Silver Chef is so proud to align with, and proof that with energy and creativity - Silver Chef is here to make your dreams happen.

Andrew Kelly
Craft Coffee, QLD

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